New Life for Pilots Company

The Michael

The Michael URC is the only church on Lowedges estate, Sheffield. It is a community with challenges, which sadly hit the headlines earlier this year with the fatal stabbing of a young person.
The Pilots Company here had shrunk to only two young people, and was on the verge of closing - but now has about 16 regulars young people with 26 on the register. The Team Ministers who participate in the programme have said that PILOTS has 'shown how much it is valued as a really important Christian youth presence on the estate and the children who come all care for each other in an amazing way. The real heroes of course are those who have turned up every Thursday (Brian, Lucille and Trevor and the members from Dore and Totley).’
As part of the work which the PILOTS undertake on their CREST they have recently produced and performed the play 'The Rainbow People' in which the children created the props and played all the roles involved.  A short film was created for them by Trevor.
One of striking things is how the parents all seem very engaged - often arriving early at the end to sit and listen, and even join in! None of the families have any other church contact so this is a real mission opportunity. The church has a small elderly congregation, but welcome the Pilots Company, with Church Secretary Lucille one of the main leaders alongside Brian Adams and people drawn from the other local URCs.
"It is wonderful to see the Company getting back to strength. It gives these young people a real opportunity to pray, learn and serve, and to connect with the worldwide church of Jesus. We have just been enjoying an Overseas Voyage to Canada using the excellent materials from Pilots combined with our own experiences of travel there," said Brian Adams.