Ready and waiting - and rewarded

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18 years ago, Collinwood Road URC, Oxford, started an all-age service on the first Sunday of the month. They decided to hold this in the hall rather than the sanctuary, as the pews and layout made it very difficult to do anything different, such as drama. This became the most popular service, so much so that they faithfully continued even during a period when the church had few or no children and young people. Then children started appearing in small numbers, as new families joined the church, and they now have around 9 children at each all-age service.

Last summer, for the first time since the 1980s, they decided to run a Holiday Club. “It was a huge undertaking for a small church of 19 members, involving everyone in one way or another, and enormously rewarding” said Georgina Fensom. “We had 25 children and young people over 3 days, and are now looking to start a small youth group!”

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