Victoria Turner goes 'Beyond myself in exploring Migration'


Victoria Turner took advantage of the Christian World Mission's regional programme for young people 'Beyond Myself in exploring Migration' and wrote a very inspiring report of her experiences. The colunteers gathered in the Yorkshire Dales to connect with a group called DARE from Darwin, who work with asylum seekers and refugees and come to the Dales through a charity called ‘People and the Dales’ who organise for refugees and asylum seekers to come to the countryside for a few days to get away from their hostile and difficult lives in the UK. 

"You can be flown to a completely new culture for a mission programme," said Victoria, "and find out things about yourself you didn’t know before. You can also talk to a stranger in your home town, who comes from elsewhere, and learn more about yourself than you knew before. Mission is not going out, mission is going beyond, there’s love that needs to be spread here, and I’m so glad I learnt that from this experience."   Read her report here.