“We would love to have another ONE Intern like Rebekah!”

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Bekki Radcliffe, URC Youth and North Western Synod Rep, has just finished her year's internship in the Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church through the OneIntern scheme and it sounds as though she has really set the standards high for the next applicants for the role. 

david palmer“I must pay tribute to Rebekah," said David Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church. She has handled everything that we have thrown at her. From anti-money laundering compliance, to GDPR to business development. Most recently she has been working with our investment team. We have an 8:45AM morning meeting and I have been quietly proud to watch Rebekah as she gets herself in at 8:00AM to prepare, checking the overnight market and company news, and then contributing proactively to that meeting. She puts many of our “long-in-the tooth” managers to shame with her commitment and diligence.”  


Bekki RadcliffeBekki told us, “I have loved every moment. It has given me a great opportunity to expand myself and my faith. It will help me so much in my future not only for applying for jobs once I graduate, but by actually having the confidence in myself to go out and do what I want to do. Through the year I have worked at the Central Finance Board firstly in business development, then operations and compliance and finally investment. This helped me gain a full understanding of the business and what area I might be more suited to. To me this placement has been invaluable. I have gained knowledge, skill and confidence since the first day with the CFB and the ONE Intern program. I am extremely grateful for the support that I have received from them both.” 

The Methodist Church are now advertising two internships within the Central Finance Board.  Apply by 28 August for a one year paid Internship combining work experience and faith with Methodist One Intern Programme.

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