New Pilots – no problem with prayer!

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Pilots group growth

In Nairn the Pilots company very nearly folded in 2017, not because of lack of leaders but lack of Pilots. The leaders, however, all agreed that even with only four they should continue as each individual enjoyed the Pilots message for different reasons.

After the Summer break out of nowhere came twelve youngsters all wanting to become Pilots! This situation required the leaders to work on a whole new approach as most of the youngsters who came had no church background.

“As Pilots Captain, I was unsure as to how much or how little we could or should teach. We stuck with the Pilots Prayer, The Pilots Promise and the Lords Prayer and it was apparent that each youngster had no problem with any of the content and were eager to learn.

Consequently, I organised our enrolment, and we invited parents, grandparents and family friends. My faith in human nature and family commitment took a massive boost when every child was represented by at least one family member and in some cases two or three.

We enrolled 13 Pilots between 5 and 11 years of age on the day, and gained three extra adult helpers.” Mick Smerdon, Nairn URC Pilots Captain and RPO for Scotland.

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