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Writing prayers

Deadline for submissions: 17 February 2020

You may already be familiar with the United Reformed Church’s (URC) prayer handbook. It's our perennially popular collection of prayers and meditations from prayer writers across the denomination. As with the past three years, we are continuing with our bid to widen the authorship of the prayer handbook and inviting prayer writers from every part of the denomination – and beyond – to consider submitting prayers for the 2021 edition.

The 2021 prayer handbook has the theme 'Conversations' to inspire you. The editors – Ian Fosten and Karen Campbell are keen to encourage writers to pay close attention to the readings before starting to write – saying: ‘We invite you to listen unhurriedly to the readings for a particular Sunday, but also to be attentive to how the readings resonate with your own life experiences, questions, discoveries and hopes. Having listened to both readings and life, then see how the Spirit can use your thoughtfulness and creativity. As editors we shall be delighted to receive finely worked prayers, but we shall be listening out even more keenly for authentic voices.’ 

If you are interested in writing for the 2021 handbook, please read the Guidelines for further information, and, if you have further queries please email us. 

We hope prayers will come in from all corners of the United Reformed Church and are actively encouraging prayer writers of all ages, all traditions, all nationalities, to submit prayers for possible inclusion in the next URC prayer handbook. If you write prayers, write one for us!

The 2020 prayer handbook, Prayers from the heart, is now available, as a lectern (large print) edition for £7.99 through the URC’s online shop.


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