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The United Reformed Church is keen to consider proposals for new books, resources, worship materials and Synod projects that could be used by the wider Church.

It is also interested in updates to existing books and resources. A proposal will allow us to judge whether the book or resource is suitable for publication, and whether the URC is the best organisation to publish it.

The decision by the Church's Publications Board, a sub-committee of the General Assembly's Communications Committee, will be based on the proposal you submit. These notes are designed to help you prepare your proposal. Following these recommendations will greatly assist us in the task of evaluating it. Ideally, your proposal will be about two A4 pages in length, and no longer than three.

You should also include a brief biography of yourself, and your relationship with the URC. If you are working with other authors, please include this information for them, too.

Email your proposal to: 


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