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Admin and Resources

The United Reformed Church is keen to consider proposals for new books, resources, worship materials and Synod projects that could be used by the wider Church.

It is also interested in updates to existing books and resources. A proposal will allow us to judge whether the book or resource is suitable for publication, and whether the URC is the best organisation to publish it.

The decision by the Church's Publications Board, a sub-committee of the General Assembly's Communications Committee, will be based on the proposal you submit. These notes are designed to help you prepare your proposal. Following these recommendations will greatly assist us in the task of evaluating it. Ideally, your proposal will be about two A4 pages in length, and no longer than three.

You should also include a brief biography of yourself, and your relationship with the URC. If you are working with other authors, please include this information for them, too.

Email your proposal to: 


Reception 2019

Service times: 9.00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

What we do

  • provide a welcoming and informative first point of contact for callers and visitors
  • provide a full range of postal and stationery services to Church House staff
  • manage the bookings of the meeting rooms at Church House


Who we are

Cathy Francourt: Receptionist 
Switchboard phone number: 020 7916 2020

Cathy Francourt

Archives and record keeping

Shahera Begum: Records Manager
t: 020 7691 9864

shahera begum

Human Resources homepage

Service times: 09:00 – 16:30 Monday to Friday

What we do

  • provide a full range of HR services for Church House
  • provide advice and guidance to Westminster College 
  • provide (when resources allow) advice and guidance to synods and local churches, including template policies and contracts of employment

Who we are

Jane Baird: Deputy General Secretary (Administration and Resources)
t: 020 7691 9870

jane baird

Helen Bird: Human Resources Officer
t: 020 7691 9874 (direct line)

helen bird

Deepti Upadhyaya: HR Coordinator
t: 020 7691 9871 (direct line)

deepti upadhyaya web

Service times: 08:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday

What we do

  • maintain the IT infrastructure at Church House including and ensure that all date and systems are secure
  • provide in-house IT support to staff at all central staff 

Who we are

Fred Sackey: IT Manager
t: 020 7916 8645 (direct line)

fred sackey

Tim Isaac: IT Support Technician
t: 020 7916 8645 (direct line)

timothy issac


The work of the finance department is divided into three distinct areas, as detailed below. John Samson, chief finance officer, oversees the work of the all three areas.

Service times: 07:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday (noting the specific working hours of some staff members as detailed below)

1. Accounting and record keeping

2. Payroll and pensions

3. Retired Ministers’ Housing Society (RMHS)

1. Accounting and record keeping

What we do

  • record Ministry & Mission Fund contributions and other receipts into and payments from the URC Trust bank account
  • process authorised non-payroll payments from URC Trust funds
  • regular, ad hoc and annual financial reporting for the URC Trust, its associated charities and funds (accountants)

Who we are

John Samson: Chief Finance Officer
t: 020 7916 8641 

john sampsonRGB

Beatrice Ochogo: Financial Accounting Manager
t: via switchboard 020 7916 2020

beatrice ochogo

Yvonne Sired: Finance Administrator
t: 020 7916 8640

Yvonne Sired

Sade Alli-Balogun: Management Accountant
t: 020 7916 8624 

sade alli balogun

Bea Minta: Finance Assistant
t: 020 7916 8644 (07:00 – 14:00) 

beatrice minta


2. Payroll and pensions

What we do

  • operate payrolls for ministers’ stipends, staff salaries and retired ministers’ and widow(er)s’ pensions
  • administer the URC Ministers’ Pension Fund and liaise with The Pensions Trust who administer the staff scheme
  • provide taxation administration and guidance for ministers and staff paid via our payrolls

Who we are

Rob Seaman: Pension Fund Manager
t: 020 7691 9869 (07:30 – 15:00)

robert seaman

Mary Steele: Payroll Manager
t: 020 7916 8639 (07:30 – 15:00)

mary steele


3. Retired Ministers’ Housing Society (RMHS)

What we do

  • assist retiring ministers to meet their housing needs during retirement, aiming to provide adequate housing suitable for long-term occupation
  • maintain, with the assistance of local volunteers, around 350 properties tenanted by retired ministers, arranging inspections and repairs
  • manage around 20 properties occupied as manses by centrally appointed ministers

retired ministers homepage

Who we are

URC LOGO greyscale smallChuka Agbasiere: General Manager (RMHS)
t: 020 7916 8636




URC LOGO greyscale smallJacqueline Watson: PA to General Manager (RMHS)
t: 020 7916 8636




Ted Ford: Maintenance Surveyor (West Midlands) Ted Ford
t: 012 1783 1177





URC LOGO greyscale smallNeil Spalding: Maintenance Surveyor (temp)
t: 020 7691 9868




URC LOGO greyscale smallYinka Oyefeso: Housing Services Officer
t: 020 7916 8643




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