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We make these papers available to the wider URC membership asking that people be aware that they are discussion documents and that many changes may be made as a result of Mission Council decisions.


Harvest poster A4

Download these free printable resources to promote your Harvest services. They have been designed for you to print details of your services at the bottom of the posters or reverse of the leaflets and service sheets.

A4 Harvest leaflet

For you to add details of your Harvest services and activities, printed or photocopied on the reverse. Perfect for putting through the letterboxes in the community and for distributing at church.



Harvest poster A3A3 Harvest poster

For those with access to an A3 printer, with a space on the bottom to add details of your services and activities.





Harvest sunday service sheet A4A4 Harvest service sheet

Add your Harvest service details on the reverse of these sheets to give out to members and visitors.

The Blended Learning Task Group met 8 times between July 2014 and June 2016.

The Task Group comprises:

Peter Henderson – (Convenor of BLTG) Former TDO
John Burgess – TLS Deputy Programme Co-ordinator
Elizabeth Gray-King – Education & Learning Programme Officer/URCLE manager
Sue Matthews – URC Elder & Open University tutor
Lawrence Moore – Director, Windermere Centre
Fred Sackey – URC Communications IT support manager
David Salsbury – TDO, Synod of Wales
Fiona Thomas – Secretary for Education & Learning
Neil Thorogood – Principal, Westminster College
Rebecca Gudgeon – Marketing Manager, Windermere Centre
Magnus Ramage – OU Lecturer and former TLS student
Fred Sackey – Technical support

Read the Blended Learning Task Group Terms of Reference


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Please feel free to download and use these Bible studies from the URC's Mission Council

May 2019: Listening to God speaking to us

Three reflections from the Revd Neil Thorogood, outgoing Principal of Westminster College, Cambridge.

In his first Bible study (all of which used images from German Catholic priest and artist Sieger Köder (1925-2015)), Neil encouraged Mission Council to explore how the place of worship can be strengthened, saying: "Worship is one of the most profound ways we have of offering ourselves into the presence of God ... Worship creates and sustains the Church ... opening ourselves up to the word of light."

November 2018: Joy, humility and perseverance

These three Bible studies from the Revd Dr Susan Durber, a URC minister in Taunton, focussed on three key virtues or gifts.

Using Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Susan explored the qualities that we might seek to nurture and encourage in ourselves and one another; key characteristics of Christian life; things at the heart of Christian vocation; all things that we need to ask God to nourish within us, especially when life is hard and challenging.