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AE logo RGB white backingAt General Assembly 2021 the name of Mission Council was changed to Assembly Executive.

Information and updates for the Assembly Executive meeting in November 2021 will be added to this section of the website.

Mission Council Papers can be found here.

Sunflowers and thistles cover image

A year after the murder of George Floyd, a new booklet of praise songs and protests has been published by the United Reformed Church. Sunflowers & Thistles is a collection of songs written by URC minister and hymn writer the Revd John Campbell, and focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement and the coronavirus pandemic.

The free online resources include the booklet of songs, which can be sung to the tunes of well-known hymns, a full music version of all the hymns, PowerPoint presentations and slides, and videos.

Read more: Sunflowers & Thistles

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