book imagesA unique resource available as a downloadable pdf. For over 60 years the URC has had a Covenant of Pulpit and Table Fellowship with the Protestant Churches in the Palatinate region of Germany, the ‘Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz’. Drawing on this partnership for the 100 years commemoration of the 1918 Armistice, the URC have been working with our German partners to produce a shared resource, which can be downloaded as two separate booklets.

Entitled ‘One hundred years after the First World War: Looking back, looking forward’, the first booklet contains personal stories, reflections and poems written by British and German contributors. It includes a pilgrimage to the Somme this year undertaken by Pfarrer Martin Henninger from the Pfalz and the Revd David Pickering, Moderator of the Synod in Scotland. Their grandparents served on opposing sides during World War One. An accompanying booklet provides worship material: meditation, prayers, newly written hymns and biblical reflections and closes with a commitment to peace building.

The publication of the resource is timed so that material from the booklets can be used in preparation for remembrance services. We would be grateful if you could publicise the availability of the material, which can be accessed from the home page of the URC website, with an accompanying news story introduction.

We hope this combined British/German initiative will bring a thought provoking dimension to the 100 year commemoration of the end of World War One.



We make these papers available to the wider URC membership asking that people be aware that they are discussion documents and that many changes may be made as a result of Mission Council decisions.

Joy, humility and perseverance

In these three Bible studies that were shared at the November meeting of the Mission Council, the United Reformed Church’s executive body, the Revd Dr Susan Durber, a URC minister in Taunton, focussed on three key virtues or gifts.

Using Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Susan explored the qualities that we might seek to nurture and encourage in ourselves and one another; key characteristics of Christian life; things at the heart of Christian vocation; all things that we need to ask God to nourish within us, especially when life is hard and challenging.

Please download and use these Bible studies.



Tabled papers 

Israel Palestine image link

In response to the 2016 General Assembly resolution on Israel and Palestine, mission committee set up an Israel/Palestine task group. The report of its recommendations went to the 2018 General Assembly.


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