'Pilots believes that children and young people matter, therefore:

Pilots gives local churches the opportunity to share the love of God in the ongoing life of Jesus Christ by inviting children and young people on an exciting journey.' – Pilots Commitment

'I will learn, pray and serve all I can with the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ.' – Pilots Promise

Since 1936, Pilots has existed to recognise and nurture the gifts and talents which children and young people inherently bring to the service of themselves, their communities, the Church and God. Whoever they are, whatever their status or their ability, every child is loved by God and so they are loved by Pilots.

To learn more about the history of the organisation, click here. To find out about Pilots in your local area, click here.

The word Pilots, as well as being related to our maritime past, also acts as an acronym, with each letter representing one of the core principles of the organisation:

ParachutePraying – Communicating with God and thinking about what God wants of us

Interest – Nurturing our understanding of topics which we enjoy exploring

Learning – Growing in our knowledge of new things

Overseas – Deepening our understanding of life, culture and faith around the globe

Talent – Developing our abilities in the hobbies and activities we enjoy

Service – Looking after the people around us and the world which God has gifted to us

In their local companies, Pilots focus on each of these principles, working to obtain 'Crests' with activities and challenges in a whole range of disciplines and areas, deepening their knowledge and abilities in each of these crucial areas.

But what do local Pilots companies actually do? Well, a Pilots company will normally meet in the same place every week, where the Captain, Officers and Crew will run a programme of games, worship and activities. It could be cooking one week, learning about the pyramids of Egypt the next, and a paper aeroplane throwing competition the one after! There’s always something fun and original to get involved in.

Not all companies meet in this way, though. Every community is different. Therefore, Pilots companies are encouraged to shape their programme to best suit the context they are working in. There's no one-size-fits-all in Pilots. Companies are encouraged to do what's right for them, in their own way, at their own pace.

In order to provide the best support possible for local companies and their Regions, a range of people and groups are involved in running the organisation, producing resources, planning events and reflecting on the vision and startegy which makes Pilots, well, Pilots.

Regional Pilots Officers (RPOs) are there to help local companies in any


way they can. Whether its organising training for leaders, suggesting resources for programme planning or coming along to a special event, your RPO wants to support you, so make sure to keep in contact with them. You can find out who your RPO is here.

The Pilots Desk based at URC House in London has a number of staff working to support the Pilots organisation. If you have any queries which you can't find an answer to, need to order more supplies for your company or want more information on Pilots resources or events, call us on 020 7916 8637, send an e-mail to pilots@urc.org.uk or write to us at The Pilots Desk, URC House, 86 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RT.

Pilots Management Committee takes overall responsibility for the vision and startegy of the Pilots organisation.

Pilots Publications Board takes special responsibility for overseeing the production of Pilots resources and publicity.

CircleCompassFCNo Pilots Companies in your area? Why not set one up? Pilots companies serve the needs of their local communities.Some are big, some are small. Some meet weekly, some meet monthly. Some have all the age groups represented, others have one. Whoever you are, wherever you are, Pilots could serve your community.

Starting a Pilots Company is easy. Click here for some simple steps to help you.

Read here to find out the meaning of the Pilots logo. 

 The main manual of Pilots, ‘The Compass’, provides all the information and guidance local Pilots companies need to set themselves up, organise their programmes and keep everything safe, informative and fun for all involved.Click here to read about the contents of The Compass.

If you need any more information or are interested in setting up your own Pilots company, please contact the Pilots Desk on 020 7916 8637, pilots@urc.org.uk or The Pilots Desk, URC House, 86 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RT. As well as giving advice, we can supply publicity leaflets, flyers and posters. You may also be interested in some of our merchandise (see below) 

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Service times: 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday

What we do

Walking the Way is the URC’s denominational focus on missional discipleship, supporting all people in recognising God’s presence in all aspects of their lives and responding to their own, unique call to God’s mission. Walking the Way:

  • works with synods to support work on missional discipleship across the URC
  • creates and promotes resources to encourage all people to consider their own discipleship journey
  • supports the development and delivery of Stepwise as a tool for discipleship development
  • builds and maintains networks to share wisdom and insight on missional discipleship as widely as possible

Who we are

simon petersSimon Peters: Walking the Way project manager
t: 020 7520 2718