Feasts and Festivals

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Welcome to the Feasts & Festivals section of the United Reformed Church website!

2017 is special – 100th anniversary of Constance Coltman’s ordination to ministry in the Congregational Church
– the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

A year of celebration – we have called it Feasts & Festivals.

You will find here insights from scripture and history, and ideas about how to celebrate our identity now.

They will appear in three month sections – each including one focus per month – with material to study, pray about and act upon.
The first three months will be posted by 1st October and then at roughly three month intervals to give you opportunity to plan your church’s response.
Take a look and decide what special plans and activities you want to focus on in advance.

In general
We have included resources which may be used at any time during the year and a section which introduces you to events which are taking on all over the United Kingdom and they are listed under the third button.

We want to hear from you about your experiences in using these resources. Please share your stories with the rest of us by emailing them to feastsandfestivals@urc.org.uk

The Feasts and Festivals planning team

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