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Faith-filled Life is the first stream of Stepwise. It focuses on identity, place and purpose and is designed to be a core introductory experience that will lead to other Stepwise streams.

Stream Overview:

Faith-filled Life is made up of six key themes:

  • Why Stepwise? Why now? An introduction to Faith-filled Life
  • Who am I? Exploring identity and faith
  • Where do I fit? How faith shapes our daily life
  • What journey am I on? Our walk with God
  • How do I deal with challenges? Building confidence for facing life challenges
  • Which way now? Looking back and looking forward

Faith-filled Life at a glance - download the stream outline (PDF)

Faith-filled Life normally takes about three months to complete depending on how frequently the local group sessions take place and whether the group takes more than one session to work through each theme.  Between the group meetings you will also create a reflective journal and meet with a mentor – guidance for both of these activities is provided.

Who is Faith-filled Life for?

Faith-filled Life is for anyone who wants to develop and grow in their Christian faith and discipleship. It provides a foundation for exploring more deeply the call to discipleship in the 21st century and gives an introduction to the way Stepwise works.  It is also a requirement for the other Stepwise streams that Faith-filled Life is completed first.


Faith-filled Life is designed as an intergenerational learning experience for all ages and stages.  A willingness to engage with the material in the Stepwise Hub and participate in the group sessions is essential. To find out more about how Stepwise works click here.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can take part in this Stepwise stream then please get in touch with the Stepwise team by filling in the Contact Us form or emailing


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