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Faith-filled Confidence is designed to help you to build confidence and resilience in your faith through increased self-awareness and in response to encounters with those of other faiths and no particular faith.


The main aims of this stream are:

  • To develop confidence in your own faith within today’s culture
  • To have encounters with people from other Christian traditions and world faiths as well as with those of ‘no religion’
  • To use these encounters to build friendships across faiths and to better understand your faith in relation to others.
  • To become better equipped to share your faith story with others.
  • To develop ideas of how you can adopt what you have learned into your daily discipleship.

Stream Overview:

Faith-filled Confidence consists of ten sessions in three parts:

Part One: Your journey so far.

Reflecting on your hopes and expectations and preparing to step out on this new adventure.
Building on foundations - considering where you have confidence in your faith and identifying where further help is needed. This will include thinking about the beliefs you share with other participants and the place of those beliefs within today's world.

Part Two: Encounters.

Encountering the 'other' - as a learning experience. This will include engagement with people of other Christian traditions, other world faiths and those who profess no faith or religion. The aim is to discover what you treasure about your own faith, the similarities and differences with others, and to begin to express your own Christian beliefs.

Part Three: Confidence in practice.

This is where you consolidate your learning and begin to practice faith sharing with increased confidence in your church community and more widely.

Reflective process: The final stage is to reflect on how you have grown in faith confidence, and how this will influence your day to day discipleship in the wider world.

Download the Stream Outline here (opens PDF in new window)

Faith-filled Confidence takes approximately 12 months to complete, going at the pace of the local group. Group meetings will take place approximately monthly. In between the group meetings you will also create a reflective journal and meet with a mentor – guidance for both of these activities will be provided.

Who is Faith-filled Confidence for?

Faith-filled Confidence is for anyone who would like to gain confidence in their faith whilst at the same time learning more about some other world faiths. The stream offers the opportunity to engage with those of other faiths and with those who profess no faith at all.


In order to begin Faith-filled Confidence you will have previously completed Stepwise Faith-filled Life. A willingness to engage with the material in the Stepwise Hub and participate in the group sessions is essential.

To find out more about how Stepwise works click here.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can take part in this Stepwise stream then please get in touch with the Stepwise team by filling in the Contact Us form or emailing:

Taste & See Webinar: April 2021


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