CWM - European Youth Assembly December 2019


Europe Region Youth Assembly

Who?; For young adults between the ages of 18 – 30 from Member churches of the Europe region.

When?: Lunchtime Friday 6th December – lunchtime Friday 8th December.

Where?: Shallowford House, Stone, Staffordshire.



GENERAL THEME: - Loneliness and mental well being 

The above can be linked to the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

The aim of the consultation is to resource and equip young adults to be peer leaders in assisting the church to better understand issues pertaining the mental health and well being of young people. The group, of around 20 young adults will be drawn from the 5 member churches of CWMs Europe region.

The weekend will be facilitated by Nathan Jones of the charity ‘Talk Through’ who will explore the issues alongside other experienced youth workers (being identified as we speak) across a number of sessions over the weekend.

The broad outline of the weekend will be:-

Friday Evening: Exploring the Landscape so we understand the situation around wellbeing in young people. Have things changed over the past few years?

Saturday: Exploring support for wellbeing at a deeper level and how we can help young people.  What are their personal experiences?

Sunday: Exploring Faith and Wellbeing and discussion on what next. What can we all do? How do we look after ourselves and look out for others? What can the church do?


The weekend will be participative, with a range of inputs, including group work, interactive exercises, discussion and some up front up, background information from the lead facilitator.

What We Need?

We need member churches to nominate 4 young adults who are potential leaders or are already exercising leadership in their roles and involvement within their respective churches for this weekend. Clearly, it would be helpful if they have some interest in and affinity for the subject, but they certainly don’t need to be experts or have direct experience of the topic.

CWM will be responsible for the costs of the weekend and will pay all travel expenses for all attendees. Contact the Children's and Youth Work office if you are interested.