If you are aged between 18 and 26 and are looking for an internship or some work experience, then this opportunity is for you. The United Reformed Church is looking to recruit two Youth Interns to their Assembly arrangements committee, helping to plan and organise the General Assembly which is being held in 2020 at Aston University. It would be the perfect addition to your CV as it gives you a wide range of opportunities and experience in planning a large-scale event as well as giving you an insider view as to how General Assembly is put together as a smooth running machine. And, just as importantly, it puts representatives of URC Youth right at the forefront in the planning stages of what is the biggest event of the URC business year. 

You will need to be available from 9 to 13 July and to participate in planning meetings through the year. The planning meetings are held in London from 11 to 3 but it is possible to join by video link so distance should not be a problem. 

Read the role description for more information and then contact children.youth@urc.org.uk for an application form. 

Reform subs

An exciting new opportunity has arisen for to enable young people and young adults (and even the more confident writers from URC Children) to make a visible contribution to the church and make their voices heard. Reform magazine have invited us to form a panel of writers to produce a new youth column for their monthly magazine. Here is the remit from Editor Steve Tomkins. You can contact him or the Programme Officer Lorraine Webb if you would like to learn more. 

Reform, the United Reformed Church’s national magazine, is planning a new column, written by younger members of the Church. The provisional title is ‘Here & now’. We would love to hear from people who are interested in writing for it.


The scope of the column is broad: we want to hear what you have to say. We want to hear the stories you have to tell and the points you have to make. What is it like being a Christian in today’s world? How are you living out your faith? What do you have to say to the Church? How do you want to change the world? How do you want to change the Church?

Contributors will be about the age of URC Youth, or possibly URC Children – but there is no strict cut-off point at either end.

The column will appear in every issue of Reform, so there will be ten instalments a year. The same contributor might write for it repeatedly, but there will not be a strict rota, and we hope to hear from a good number of different voices.

Provisionally, the length of the column is between 650 and 750 words.

Submission dates will be arranged with contributors. Text should submitted by email to Lorraine Webb at lorraine.webb@urc.org.uk

 Steve Tomkins, Editor

Trip to Berlin to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall 

This was an opportunity to join a five day trip to Berlin where representatives were invited to participate in celebrations marking the anniversary of fall of the Berlin Wall in November 2019 together with local churches. 

Educational trip to Israel and Palestine September 2019

This was an opportunity for a young person between the age of 18 and 25 to join synod representatives (who could also be under 25s) on an educational visit to Israel and Palestine from 18 to 28 September 2019.

Starpoint Youth Festival in Hungary: July 2019

This opportunity was for two young particpants aged 18 to 34 from the URC  to the  Starpoint Youth Festival which takes place 21-28 July, 2019 (including travel days) in Debrecen. The organisers encourage you to look at news, reports, and even short videos in English from past festivals: http://csillag.reformatus.hu/#starpoint

Youth Assembly Taster Day

The Youth Assembly Taster Day was for those who weretoo young for Youth Assembly or have always wondered what it is all about but were unsure whether it was for them.  It involved a team building activity, prayers, learning a bit about URC Youth and Youth Assembly, and then joining the Assembly for worship, one keynote talk and workshops. This will be repeated in 2020.

Making Space 

A URC conference for local church children’s, families and youth workers

For    Those appointed (employed or core volunteer leading this ministry) by local churches working with children and young people within local churches, ecumenical projects, local charities or the wider community.
Aim   To gather together children’s and youth workers for networking, training, listening, inspiration and growing community.

The day included:

Making Space Day Conference Keynote       Space for children to be children and young people to be young people
My Space     Hearing from a variety of local church contexts
Your Space  Reflecting on your context and learning in a variety of ways
Our Space   Sharing, responding, moving forwards

There was also  an optional networking meal on Friday 5 October at 8pm at the Rupert Brooke Wetherspoons pub.

Greenbelt Youth Ambassadors 

2018 was the first time that the URC took a team of eight youth ambassadors aged 16-25 to Greenbelt to represent the URC whilst working in the takeaway tent, leading Cake and Debate, creating videos and social media reports and generally getting a taste of the festival. The role was repeated for 2019 when the theme of the festival is Wit and Wisdom but will probably be discontinued after that, although young people will still be encouraged to go to Greenbelt and participate, or to join one of their volunteer programmes. Youth Ambassadors now have the role of spreading the message about their experiences across the synods. You can read more about the experiences of our Youth Ambassadors on our Good News page. 

WCRC WebsiteHeader

This year's internship applications are now closed. Watch this space if you would be interested in applying for a WCRC internship in 2020. More information can be found on the WCRC website internship page 

Peace and Justice Forum 

The Peace and Justice Forum is an initiative of the four churches to equip, engage and empower young people to be agents of change in their churches and communitie under the umbrella of the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT)

Abassadors for the forum are 18-25 and have a passion for social justice. This was a two-year role, which including working on brand new resources, receiving training on how to be an effective campaigner and getting the opportunity to engage with decision makers and to be heard.

Crossfire Youth Camp 

Crossfire is an exciting annual event each May for young people in the URC aged 12+ to explore more about faith in Jesus Christ through small groups, teaching, worship and a whole range of fun activities. Watch this space for details of next year's camp .They are also restarting Crossfire plus for the older particpants to meet together and discuss the themes in more detail later in the year.  

To find out more and view a promo video featuring the 2018 camp, visit www.crossfirecamp.org.uk 

The Big Speak Out – residential weekend for 11-18s 

The Big Speak Out was a residential weekend for young people aged 11 to 18 connected to the URC. 

It was held in Repton School and photos and a review of the weekend can be found here as well as on our facebook page (see link in our pages menu). This event will probably not run in 2020. 

Junior Yearly Meeting – a Quaker Youth event 

JYM is a residential event which happens alongside the all age Quaker event Yearly Meeting at Friends House, London in May.

What you need to know:

  • The cost of attending is paid for by the URC. This includes fully catered accommodation, return travel to and from Friends House during the event, travel to Friends House on Monday and a packed lunch at Friends House on Monday.
  • As well as being a “Peace Church”, Quaker belief’s and traditions are often distinctive from other denominations, we include information about this in the leaflet About Quakers, it’s helpful if they can read this so that this differences are less of a culture shock.

Further information about Quakers can be found at http://www.yqspace.org.uk/about-quakers  

WCC stewards programme for Central Committee

The World Council of Churches Central Committee meets once every two years, their last meeting being in Geneval in June 2018. 

The World Council of Churches (WCC) Stewards Programme aims to bring together a dynamic and diverse group of 20 young people aged 18-25 from all over the world to act as stewards for the meeting. It is an opportunity for anyone in that age group who is interested in learning more about the worldwide Church and working with fellow young people from across the globe. English is the working language of the programme, and patience, ability to work with people from other countries and cultures, as well as a willingness to work together as a team, are key skills for participants to demonstrate. 

Applications require letters of recommendation from the URC and an ecumenical body.


In the past year internships have been advertised with the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) URC General Assembly (next meeting in 2020), the World Council of Reformed Churches and the Methodist One Intern programme 

CWM Training in Mission 

The Council for World Mission (CWM) has been investing in equipping the young people for the ministry and mission of its member churches since 1981, especially through its flagship ‘Training in Mission’ (TIM) Programme. 

Every year, 10-12 participants, aged 18-30, from member churches including the United Reformed Church, are brought together for about seven months of intensive mission training.

Employing an action-reflection model of learning, over 350 young people have so far been changed for life by this magnificent programme, developing a new practical and radical understanding of what witnessing to Christ means. CWM is known for its commitment to mutual encounter, in which peoples and cultures form across the planet meet together to learn from one another. Other events held by CWM and promoted by the URC have included programmes on Mental Health, Migration, Young Women Enabling Transformation  and others. Rreports from these events can be read above. 

Through these pages we are able to promote a wide range of events and opportunities which can often prove life-changing or affirming for those who take advantage of them. Read below the reports from our young people and young adults who have been able to participate in various opportunities through URC Children's and Youth Work. 


Starpoint Bansoek 1Starpoint Bansoek 2Starpoint Bansoek 3

Bansoek represented the URC at Starpoint, Hungary 2019


Quakers Junior Yearly Meeting

Jo represented the URC at the Quaker Junior Yearly Meeting 2018


Sandy Nunn

Sandy volunteered at Mission House in Amsterdam in 2018 

Read more: Reports from previous Events and Opportunities
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