Fall of the Wall
It is 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the wall which was built to separate East and West Berlin after WW2. 
Hard to believe but 2019 marks 30 years since this world changing event. It was a time of great optimism and liberation with the promise of a post-Cold War peace dividend. In rather different times, it will be good to reference a more positive period for Europe and perhaps even rekindle that spirit of hope. This opportunity is for two under-26s to join in the four days of celebrations as part of a URC delegation

 As part of the URC’s commitment to a greener travel policy, we will travel out as a group from London St Pancras Station on Thursday morning 7 November, taking the Eurostar to Brussels and then the fast train to Mannheim. The bulk of the party will return on Monday 11 November. We are delighted that GA Moderator, Revd Nigel Uden will be joining us and has been invited to preach at the Saturday service of celebration.

Please note that you do not have to be a German speaker. German and English will be spoken with translations available. We are hoping to include regular partnership friends as well as first-time visitors to the Palatinate. There will be a contribution required (for the cost of travel only) of around £150 per person. If you are interested in taking part in this event, please contact Carole Sired: carole.sired@urc.org.uk

Here is the outline programme:
Late afternoon arrival in Frankenthal and reception
Introductions and preliminary discussions
Evening meal followed by a topical film (in English and German)
Daytime discussion topics:
The historic events leading up to the fall of the wall
Germany - 30 years after the event
Metaphorical Walls
Bible Study
Evening: Wine tasting
Preparation for Worship
2 p.m. Reception followed by Service of Celebration
(provisionally at Zwoelf-Apostel-Kirche, Frankenthal)
Morning - Invitation to worship in local churches of the Palatinate
Afternoon & evening – Free time to explore
Return journey via rail

If finances are an issue for travel, do not forget to approach your synod or the URC CYW small grants fund. 


church of scotland

The Mission and Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland (CofS)  invite 1 or 2
young adults (aged 17-25) representing the United Reformed Church to attend their National Youth Assembly
(NYA) at Gartmore House in Stirlingshire from Friday the 16th to Monday the 19th August 2019. "We really
hope someone can represent your denomination at this event." 

The CofS NYA is the annual conference for young adults to gather and share in times of worship, discussion,
fellowship and to think about what they want to say to the wider Church. After the event, a report is compiled
and presented to the CofS General Assembly the following May, letting the whole Church know what young
adults think about the topics discussed. Our discussions this year are Hate Speech, Missional Buildings and
Testimony and Confirmation.

"As a  URC representative, you will be full member of the assembly, able to input into the discussions as you see fit. It
is hoped that you will enjoy their time at the assembly and will develop your faith further
through their time with us. I am sure that you will also enrich the assembly and leave having made firm
friends with many of the other delegates." 

Your expenses will be funded by URC CYW and the organisers will arrange transport from Stirling to the venue. If you are interested, please contact children.youth@urc.org.uk by 30 June at the latest. 

Reform subs

An exciting new opportunity has arisen for to enable young people and young adults (and even the more confident writers from URC Children) to make a visible contribution to the church and make their voices heard. Reform magazine have invited us to form a panel of writers to produce a new youth column for their monthly magazine. Here is the remit from Editor Steve Tomkins. You can contact him or the Programme Officer Lorraine Webb if you would like to learn more. 

Reform, the United Reformed Church’s national magazine, is planning a new column, written by younger members of the Church. The provisional title is ‘Here & now’. We would love to hear from people who are interested in writing for it.


The scope of the column is broad: we want to hear what you have to say. We want to hear the stories you have to tell and the points you have to make. What is it like being a Christian in today’s world? How are you living out your faith? What do you have to say to the Church? How do you want to change the world? How do you want to change the Church?

Contributors will be about the age of URC Youth, or possibly URC Children – but there is no strict cut-off point at either end.

The column will appear in every issue of Reform, so there will be ten instalments a year. The same contributor might write for it repeatedly, but there will not be a strict rota, and we hope to hear from a good number of different voices.

Provisionally, the length of the column is between 650 and 750 words.

Submission dates will be arranged with contributors. Text should submitted by email to Lorraine Webb at lorraine.webb@urc.org.uk

 Steve Tomkins, Editor

If you are aged between 18 and 26 and are looking for an internship or some work experience, then this opportunity is for you. The United Reformed Church is looking to recruit two Youth Interns to their Assembly arrangements committee, helping to plan and organise the General Assembly which is being held in 2020 at Aston University. It would be the perfect addition to your CV as it gives you a wide range of opportunities and experience in planning a large-scale event as well as giving you an insider view as to how General Assembly is put together as a smooth running machine. And, just as importantly, it puts representatives of URC Youth right at the forefront in the planning stages of what is the biggest event of the URC business year. 

You will need to be available from 9 to 13 July and to participate in planning meetings through the year. The planning meetings are held in London from 11 to 3 but it is possible to join by video link so distance should not be a problem. 

Read the role description for more information and then contact children.youth@urc.org.uk for an application form. 

big speak out front 2019 even smaller

After the success of last year's Big Speak Out, we are delighted to announce that 11 to 18 year olds associated with the URC will be able to take part in another TBSO weekend this year, this time in the beautiful Derbyshire village of Repton. Repton School is a beautiful old boarding school which takes over much of the village and we have the use of two boarding houses (with common rooms), the Junior Common Room, the chapel and three of the classrooms for the weekend, with full catering.

From arrival on Friday from 6pm onwards, when you'll settle into your room in one of the two boarding houses and share in a delicious hot meal, there will be times to explore your faith, times to develop skills and talents and think about making your mark, times to hang out with old friends and make new ones, times to play games, watch movies, share in worship, times to take part in workshops, to discuss, to learn, to make music or do craft, and times to chill and relax. What an action packed weekend! 

As last year, there will be a Leaders' Gathering running simultaneously for adults who work with children and young people. Persuade a leader to bring you and stay for that as it is an excellent networking opportunity with a chance for training and mutual encouragement in a relaxing atmosphere. Leaders should contact the CYW office for more information. 

Early bird bookings before 5pm Friday 26 April £69
Bookings after 5pm Friday 26 April £85                                Bookings close Monday 10 June 2019

Remember, if finance is an issue, you can ask your church, your synod or the CYW small grants fund for assistance.

Please click here to make your booking for The Big Speak Out.

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