Eldership Resources

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The Eldership is a vital element within the United Reformed Church and we are grateful for the commitment and dedication of those who exercise this particular ministry within the church.

This page carries links to publications and documents that can help to explain our understanding of Eldership as well as practical resources that may assist elders in their responsibilities.
Please note that some of the materials linked to are not published by the Ministries Committee or its sub-committees.

They've asked me to be an Elder
New publication
The booklet has been primarily written for those who have been asked to consider a call to eldership by their Minister or an Elder in their congregation.More booklets from this series can be found here.

Communications Information booklets on a variety of subjects can be found here.

Resourcing our Elders: 8 areas for development
A collection of resources to assist in exploring the roles and responsibilities of elders.

Challenge to the Church
Report to General Assembly 2008

Consultation on the Eldership
Closing statement from the Consultation held at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, 24-26 October 2006


Other materials may be found in the Resources Library or online store.

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