Church Related Community Work: contact the team

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Find out more about Church Related Community Work in the United Reformed Church and who to contact for more information. 

What we do

CRCW is a distinctive and formally recognised ministry within the URC, and post holders play a vital role in the denomination's presence and engagement in neighbourhoods and with communities. CRCWs are called by God, professionally and theologically trained, and then commissioned to particular church(es) and neighbourhoods, using the principles of community development, to respond to and challenge the issues facing their particular communities. 

If you require more CRCW information or need a document which is not available online, please email the CRCW programme administrator, who will be happy to help.

More on CRCW pages here.

Who we are

steve summers1Steve Summers: Development Worker (CRCW & SCM)

Steve works from home and the CRCW office at URC Church House to develop and administer this programme of work but is often out-and-about visiting churches and community projects throughout the URC. He is also actively engaged in advocating and promoting church related community work, reaching out to the next generation of CRCWs and church and community projects.



Samara AndrewsSamara Andrews: Administrator (CRCW & SCM)
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 


(Church Related Community Work & Special Category Ministry)

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