We currently have 22 accredited church-in-community projects, 6 of which are currently vacant and several more working on applications. 

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Synods Projects

1. Northern
Robert Stewert Memorial, Newcastle 
Sunderland and Boldon
Billingham URC

2. North Western
Levenshulme Inspire URC, Manchester
North East Blackburn Group
Building Bridges, Tonge Moor
Chorley URC (VACANT/ACCREDITED 07.10.15)

3. Mersey
Currently no projects.

4. Yorkshire
Sheffield Manor
Huddersfield URCs
Doncaster URCs (VACANT/ACCREDITED 04.07.18)

5. East Midlands
Castle Hill URC, Northampton
Derby, Ashbourne Road to Central

6. West Midlands
Winson Green – Bishop Latimer, Birmingham
Weoley Castle, Birmingham
Coventry, Ansty Road & St. Columba's (VACANT/ACCREDITED 26.10.18)

7. Eastern
Chelmsford URC & LEP

8. South Western
Bridgwater and Cannington URCs (VACANT/ACCREDITED 29.03.18)
Dawlish (VACANT/ACCREDITED 29.03.18)

9. Wessex
Avenue St Andrews, Southampton

10. Thames North
Trinity, High Wycombe (VACANT/ACCREDITED 22.11.17)

11. Southern
Copleston Church, Peckham, LEP

12. Wales
Swansea Region, Wales

13. Scotland
Priesthill and Shawlands URCs

CRCW - Jo PattersonJo Head and shoulders

Jo Patterson started her role as Church Related Community Worker (CRCW) at Copleston Church & Centre in Peckham on 1 January 2019, following a placement there whilst studying CRCW ministry at Northern College.

The parish is located on the East Dulwich side of Peckham, in an area that has become an attractive location for both professional and highly skilled people. However, within areas of local authority housing, there continues to be significant numbers of people suffering deprivation and Peckham is listed as one of the worst-affected areas in the country for personal indebtedness.

The rapidly changing profile of the local community presents a significant challenge that is viewed with apprehension, but also hope of transformation and development, which they believe will bring benefits to all sections of the community.

Within this context, there is an enthusiasm for an initiative that recognises and values the boost to local business and culture that has resulted from the new affluence coming into the area. Copleston Church and Centre seek to find ways of establishing meaningful connections and engagement across all sections of the changed profile of the area.  An ambitious aim that could have far-reaching and long-lasting benefits.

The Mission Action Plan (MAP) is to prioritise the development of the relationship between church members and centre groups and activities, alongside the planning of several non-religious events that bring in members of the wider community.

Immediate priorities:     
* establish a clear relationship within the staff structure of the Centre, and with the existing projects and activities
* strengthen links and involvement of church members in Centre activities

Long term objectives:
* establish a strong partnership between church and community volunteers running activities
* establish a regular pattern of community consultation
* raise the profile of Copleston Centre and its offer in the local community and wider area
* strengthen the profile and involvement of Copleston in wider networks of faith groups and community organisations


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