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This month we hear from Ann Honey, who is the Church Related Community Worker (CRCW) for the CRCW project at WeLikeYouToo WEBCROP2St. Columba's United Reformed Church in Billingham.

Ann reflects on her first year in Billingham and says: We “get to know” the church we’re working with, the people in and around it – and they “get to know” us. I believe it’s where projects are made – right at the start, when we make the relationships that set the tone and try to work out where the project might lead."

"Community work, as with life, is all about relationships."

Ann shares 3 'little things that are actually 3 really big things' that stay with her and provide an indication of how she is getting on in her first year of this new project. To find out more, Ann's reflection: Getting to know You' can be read here. (PDF)



Would you like to know more about Church Related Community Work and how you can be an agent of social change? You may be a church member involved in community work already and want to find out how you can do even more? Let the CRCW office give you advice and guidance by calling the URC switchboard on: 020 7916 2020 or emailing us.

Picture credit: Adam Jang on Unsplash

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