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We are happy to share with you: Voices in Wingrove – the 2017 short report from our CRCW project in Newcastle: Robert Stewart Memorial (RSM) URC, not only because it provides details Ann Honey Reflection web cropof many of the initiatives that grow and flourish in and around the area but also because the report has been contributed to by so many of the individuals or groups engaged and involved with the project. There is no better way to get a sense of the work that takes place than to hear from the people who make a difference to their community.

As described in the report: "RSM’s premises are shared by Christians from DRC (Congo), Ethiopia/Eritrea and Romania. During 2017, all came together joyously and in celebration of a common faith through our different foods, music and drama. A summer get-together was the first occasion and was much enjoyed by an excellent attendance. The second was a multi-lingual pre-Christmas service, led by Ann Honey, CRCW. Candlelit and celebratory with the Romanian children re-enacting the Nativity scene in the manger and adults in crowns and robes as the Magi, it was a memorable and unique occasion for all who were there. More food and sharing afterwards have helped to strengthen friendship and community in the Christian family."

To read more about this CRCW project, click onto our project page: Robert Stewart Memorial, Newcastle

If you are interested in CRCW ministry and would like more information, there are resources on our CRCW pages that can provide you with more details or you can contact the CRCW office via email and we will endeavour to give you all the information you require. If you would prefer to call, our main URC switchboard is: 020 7916 2020.

We are delighted to share that one of our newer CRCW projects recently had a mention at The House of Commons! Our first and only Scottish CRCW project: Priesthill and Shawlands was Priesthill1Amend Webaccredited in January 2016 and received CRCW Marie Trubic in June 2017. We know that incrediby good work takes place at the project and it is fantastic for the team there to receive this recognition.

Priesthill2Amend Web 002The community breakfast takes place at Priesthill URC in the Southside of Glasgow. They received a surprise visit from their local MP Chris Stephens who presented them with a copy of an early day motion that he had tabled in the House of Commons in praise of the work and achievements of the weekly breakfast.

This particular project was started just under a year ago by the Church in partnership with a local Housing Association and the Health Improvement Team. They now regularly serve at least 60 breakfasts to members of the local community, who use the time and space to meet and chat and organise other community events, as well as enjoying a roll and sausage, bacon or potato scone all washed down with gallons of tea and coffee.

Marie says: "It may not rocket science but it seems to work and Priesthill URC is the place to be on a Tuesday morning!"

 If you would like to find out more about Church Related Community Work, whether it is something you or your church would like to get more involved in, please email the CRCW office or call 020 7916 2020.

According to a recent Smirnoff Vodka campaign: "Labels are for bottles not people". This got our very own CRCW; Rosie Buxton thinking...

The second reflection we offer you this month is all about the labels we put on people, intentionally or not. As Rosie says in her reflection:
"It does not matter which way you find information; labels are the first way people are defined. Vulnerable, disadvantaged, troubled, challenging, disabled, celebrity, addict, Christian, Muslim, lonely, financially inactive, refugee, asylum seeker… to name but a few. We get so caught up in labels, we forget the human being behind that label."

Rosie is currently the church related community worker at the Swansea Region project in Wales. Rosie's reflection this month, provides a great insight into the life of a CRCW and shows us that we really should try to see the person before the 'label'.
To read the article in full click here.

If you would like to know more about CRCW ministry, please contact the CRCW office via our main switchboard: 020 7916 2020 or email us at

Image credit: photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

In our first post of February, we have a reflection from newly qualified CRCW Vicky Longbone. Vicky accepted a call to Derby AC2 Project (Ashbourne Rd to Central) and was commissioned Vicky ReflectionI mage Web Cropand inducted in a ceremony at Ashbourne Rd URC in August 2017. Vicky said after starting her
new role:

“It's early days, but Derby has some real areas of deprivation, and plenty of opportunities to work with other organisations to bring equality and justice to those in need. As we start to discern where the Spirit is calling us to take action, we hold onto the belief that God's love is for all and is not only found inside the church walls, but often on the streets."

Vicky has now been in post for 6 months and shares with us what an average day may (or may not) look like for a church related community worker (CRCW). In her reflection, we hear about a man called Josh, who is homeless and losing hope of his situation improving. Vicky is there to listen and remind Josh that there is always hope - that people will always care. Vicky writes:

"That’s the great thing about this ministry, you never know who or what you may meet on the streets. But we can be Jesus in our streets, meeting people where they are, offering hope and love and support, in many different ways."

You can read Vicky's full reflection here: An Average Day?

If you would like to find out more about church related community work, please contact us in the CRCW office by calling our main switchboard on 020 7916 2020 or email us.

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Simon reflection photo web crop"I got out of bed, to discover I was paddling. To our alarm, the boat was full of water and sinking! We quickly got everyone up and abandoned ship, then phoned the marina for help."    

In the first reflection of 2018, we are treated to a collection of short stories by CRCW Simon Loveitt. If you would like to find out what  on earth happened in: 'Holiday on a submarine…' and read more amusing tales from Simon's time in ministry, you'll find them in a PDF here: It was one of those days...

Simon Loveitt is currently Church Related Community Worker (CRCW) at The Manor Church and Community Project in Sheffield and has been a CRCW for nearly 3 decades! Simon is also the Chair of the CRCW Programme Sub-committee and has written a document called: 25 Years of Creating Change in Communities which provides a really useful insight into the ministry.

If you would like to find out how your church could get more involved with its community or you yourself are keen to find out about what is involved in becoming a CRCW, please email me or call the URC switchboard on 0207 916 2020 and ask for the CRCW office.

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