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On a bright, autumnal day in October, just before the second lockdown began, I had the pleasure of visiting one of our CRCW projects in Peckham, London. The informal meeting took place at Copleston Church and Centre and a small group of us sat and listened (at a suitable distance) to how the Church had responded to the needs of the community during the last eight months.

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We are delighted to share the second in a series of Church Related Community Work (CRCW) interviews, featured in Reform magazine.

In the December/January issue, Editor Stephen Tomkins talks to CRCW Rosie Buxton. Rosie, who is the CRCW for the New Life Rosie Buxton cropProject, which includes Moldgreen, Waverley, Brackenhall and Stainland & Holywell Green United Reformed Churches, tells the story of creating financial inclusion in Huddersfield. Rosie says:

'During lockdown, we’ve found people who have never been on a benefit in their lives have lost their job overnight and are having to negotiate universal credit. The fact that that system is centralised now and not local, makes things really difficult and uncomfortable. There are also people who don’t manage very well with money at the best of times, through no fault of their own. And we’ve got a lot of problems with loan sharks. It seemed to me a shame that the loan sharks were the one’s saying: ‘If you've got a problem, I can help you,’ so we are looking at enabling people to be mentors in the area of financial inclusion.'

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AnnHoney April14v2

In the first of our November reflections, we hear from Church Related Community Worker Ann Honey. Ann works at St. Columba's United Reformed Church in Billingham and reflects on eight months of Covid-19 restrictions and what it is like to "be a community worker when we’re all two metres apart and in groups of less than six!"

Please note this reflection was written before the lockdown in England - so the role is even more challenging now! 

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This month we hear from Church Related Community Work (CRCW) student Katy Ollerenshaw, who reflects on finding hope when hope feels like it's fading. Katy's reflection was written before the approval and introduction of a vaccine, which we all hope may be a game-changer with regards to our global pandemic. The last nine months have certainly seen many new developments and one suspects that this won't change any time soon. There hope is that change is coming.

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This month we have the privilege of hearing from a URC colleague Roo Stewart, Programme Support Officer for Church & Society, Swansea emergency food resourcewho has written an article focusing on the work of one our CRCW projects in Swansea. The Swansea Region of Churches is formed of a number of churches including URC and Methodist LEPs. 

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