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Stories, with images, for use in services, meetings and church magazines

Use these stories of inspiring people to encourage worshippers to consider contributing to the scheme, and in so doing, help restore justice. Images can be put into a PowerPoint, used as a prayer starter or in church magazines to create more interest. 

2018/2019 stories and poster images available



CfL URC CA logo BangladeshBangladesh web


July 2018/9 mini magazine pages – Growing confidence – Sumaiya Shimi
March 2018 – Jamal and Layla, Rohinga refugees
November 2017 update – Rajia Begum



Image credit: Christian Aid 







Shapna Shome web 2

Working Together pdf – Shapna Shome
Unimaginable Conditions pdf – Chahinu, Rashida and Mito
It just keeps raining pdf – Jowser Ali Sarder
Golden Dream pdf – Shova Biswas
Bringing Joy pdf – various forum members





CfL URC CA logo ZimbabweZimbabwe web


July 2018/9 mini magazine pages – village banks – Sikhanyisiwe Ndlovu
March 2018 update – Wandani Mumpande
November 2017 update – Gloria Dube


Image credit: Commitment for Life


Mcolisi and mealie grinder WEBA family business – Samukele Moyo
In ten years time – Mcolisi
Maths and mulch – Nomthsndszo
No time to rest – Precious Moyo
The snake in the river – Medelina


CfL URC CA logo Central AmericaCentral America web

Central America – Honduras, Guatemala, 
El Salvador and Nicaragua

July 2018/9 mini magazine pages – supporting young chocolatiers
March 2019 update – story from ORMUSA Organisation of Salvadoran Women for Peace
November 2017 update – Isabel Catinac Xum


Image credit: Christian Aid


Jacobo and cooperative members WEBFor the Common Good pdf – Blanca Alicia Diazs
Determination pdf – The Verde Mar Shrimp Cooperative
Changing a Machismo Society pdf – Beatriz Claros
Gender Training pdf – Kerlin
Advocacy and Governance pdf – Vilma Argueta


CfL URC CA logo Israel Palestine

IOPT 2a webIsrael and the occupied Palestinian territory

July 2018/9 mini magazine pages – power to the people
March 2018 update – Imad abu-Shamsiyah
November 2017 update – Bassam Abu Said


Image credit: Christian Aid



Khalid Mansau 1A chance to be themselves – YMCA
It mean we are not forgotton (Khalid) – PARC
Keeping the land alive (Alam) – PARC
Neighbourly Love – YMCA

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