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      2018/2019 stories and poster images available



Bangladesh Bangladesh web

July 2018/9 mini magazine pages - Growing confidence - Sumaiya Shimi
March 2018 - Jamal and Layla, Rohinga refugees
November 2017 update - Rajia Begum

Image credit: Christian Aid 








ZimbabweZimbabwe web

July 2018/9 mini magazine pages - village banks - Sikhanyisiwe Ndlovu
March 2018 update - Wandani Mumpande
November 2017 update - Gloria Dube

Image credit Commitment for Life





Central America - Honduras, Guatemala, Central America web
El Salvador and Nicaragua

July 2018/9 mini magazine pages - supporting young chocolatiers
March 2019 update - story from ORMUSA Organisation of Salvadoran Women for Peace
November 2017 updateIsabel Catinac Xum

Image credit Christian Aid



Israel and the occupied Palestinian territoryIOPT 2 web

July 2018/9 mini magazine pagesJuly 2018 mini magazine pages - power to the people
March 2018 update - Imad abu-Shamsiyah
November 2017 update - Bassam Abu Said

Image credit Christian Aid