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Jubilee Debt Campaign

A recent online webinar on the impact of debt during a time of COVID-19 was held, and can be viewed here

Book on UN Sustainability goals

The Sustainability Book offers a Christain faith perspective on the UN excellent sustainability goals. Read the book here

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April 2019 Update on Spring Mailing 

Commitment for Life has had to delay to its Spring Mailing. This is because of Cyclone Idai. Christian Aid (CA) contributes to the mailing. But CA has had to prioritise the urgent appeal following the devastating cyclone that hit southeastern Africa. Revd Lydia Neshangwe, Moderator of the Zimbabwe Presbytery of the Uniting Reformed Chruch in Southern Africa, has expressed her deep gratitude for all the work being done by our Commitment for Life congregations on behalf of Zimbabwe. Soon, we will have a 'cracking' mailing on its way to you, along with a great poster from Global Justice Now called ‘Stand with Migrants’. Many congregations display these on notice boards  in Christian solidarity with migrants. We recall that Jesus himself was once a migrant fleeing persecution...



Information for Campaigning on Climate Change, Tax Justice, Gender and Trade


Screenshot 2019 04 02 at 12.10.58Migration

Our partner Global Justice Now has a wonderful programme called 'Stand with Migrants.' They highlight four areas of deep concern when it comes to the major causes of migration: WAR is unjust: EXPLOITATION is unjust; INEQUALITY is unjust; CLIMATE DISRUPTION is unjust. To obtain either a physical or online poster, please contact us.









Climate Justice

But emailing the banks will not be enough, by itself, to shift their practices. We must increase the pressure on them in other ways too. Here’s how you can take the campaign further, and stop our banks fuelling climate change.

  • Get more people involved and demonstrate the size of our movement.

  • Learn more about the financial risks associated with climate change and talk to others about the issues.

  • Visit your local bank to show that this really matters to your community.

  • Ask your church and church leaders to speak out.

Campaign resources can be found at
Climate Bible study – download discussion startersworship resources including prayers, sermon notes and suggested hymns to link in with The Big Shift campaign.

Eco Church

Complete an online survey about how you are caring for God’s earth in different areas of church life. The answers you provides will allow you to collect points towards an Eco Church Award – the more your church does, the more points you get! The survey takes you through five key areas of church life:

Worship and teaching
Management of church buildings
Management of church land
Community and global engagement

You can save your survey responses at any point and return to update them as your church completes additional actions.

The Climate Coalition – Show the Love  green heart

This February, thousands of people across the UK again turned hearts green to #showthelove for the people, places and life we want to protect for generations to come.

Watch this year's film here
Great resources also available

Pray and Fast for the Climate 1st of the Month
Pray and fast with Christians across the world on the first of every month. Lots of ideas and worship resources here

Operation Noah

Operation Noah is an ecumenical Christian charity providing leadership, focus and inspiration in response to the growing threat of catastrophic climate change.

Global Divestment Mobilisation coming soon!
From 5-13 May, thousands of people all over the world will be taking action to highlight the climate impact of our churches, universities, pension funds and banks and call on them to divest from fossil fuels and invest in a brighter, cleaner future.

Operation Noah's Bright Now campaign is calling on churches to take a lead by divesting from fossil fuels and investing in clean alternatives. Perhaps your local church could make a divestment commitment (or commit not to invest in fossil fuels in future) and urge national/regional church investors to do the same? Please visit the Bright Now website for details: 

Many resources including scientific information and worship resources here


Christian Aid Report on genderOf the same flesh: exploring a theology of gender written by Susan Durber


TTIP (Transatlantic trade and investment partnership) European Action. The Trade Justice Movement is now supporting the campaign against TTIP. TTIP will install global trade rules that threaten public services in the UK and give companies the power to sue states. It will also lock in global trade rules that make it harder for the developing world to ‘catch up’ #No TTIP Times and action cards are available from Matthew Bramall, Global Justice now – formally World Development Movement (0207 8204934)

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement CETA Update:

Unfortunately, when the European Parliament voted on CETA, campaigners lost and CETA was ratified. Global Justice Now are proud of the campaign they ran – over 10,000 people emailed their MEP to ask them to oppose it and they managed to convince the Scottish National Party and a majority of Labour MEPs to support the campaign. Thanks for all your support. It’s not completely over. CETA still needs to be ratified by all national governments across the EU. While that gets going, they continue to build a movement to ensure democratic control and parliamentary oversight of all future trade deals.


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