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The United Reformed Church has produced a series of free guides with advice for churches and church organisations to help them stay in contact with and support their local community during and after lockdown. 

The guides include advice for post-lockdown recovery plans and help with setting up and running social media accounts and using technology to communicate with the outside world.

You can download all the guides as PDFs here or scroll down the page to get the information online in a more accessible format.

Quick guide to Covid-19 and Safeguarding A free guide to Covid-19 and safeguarding for churches and church organisations.

During the pandemic, the pressures placed upon local churches have risen significantly and this has led to an increase in the need to protect people from different forms of harm and abuse.

Here is a quick guide to what you can do to offer support whilst continuing to serve the needs of your communities.

Read more: Quick Guide: Covid-19 and Safeguarding

Visual Identity GuideA free guide to help churches and church organisations follow the URC's visual identity.

What is a visual identity guide? 

Why are style guides important? They ensure brand consistency throughout any materials you produce – no matter who created it.

How much time does it take to explain to a designer how much space you need around your logo at all times? And how they’re not supposed to change any of the colours? What about finding every font you use and having to relay that to them as well? Not to mention explaining the type of imagery that is acceptable. This guide helps answer some of those questions.

This visual identity guide contains the necessary information to create whatever your church needs. Whether it be a poster, church newsletter, website, or other materials.

Read more: The URC Visual Identity Guide

Doing online differentlyA free guide to help you navigate your church's digital journey.

The importance of digital

We’ve talked for years about the need to “do church differently”, and the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to do just that! Lockdown has shown us that our online life as churches is neither second-best nor an afterthought: it is a vital part of how we live, worship and engage in mission.

We need to think about an online presence in terms of community-building – interactive, mutually beneficial and adding value to visitors’ lives.

A digital space, in other words, for a shared journey of discipleship. The fellowship, inclusion and connection that are made possible by the technology are also demanded by the call to follow Jesus faithfully in today’s world.

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