General Secretariat

john-proctorGeneral Secretary

John Proctor is the general secretary. His job is to maintain a strategic overview of the development, order, and wellbeing of the United Reformed Church. This involves being an ex officio member of all the committees, liaising regularly with the synods through their moderators and clerks, and working to ensure the vibrant health of the councils of the Church, significantly General Assembly. John is also responsible for enabling the Assembly-appointed staff to work together collaboratively. He takes a personal role in fostering healthy relationships with partner churches at home and abroad.



Deputy General Secretary (Administration and Resources)

Jane Baird is deputy general secretary for administration and resources




Richard-ChurchDeputy General Secretary (Discipleship)

Richard Church is deputy general secretary for discipleship




Francis Brienen1Deputy General Secretary (Mission)

Francis Brienen is deputy general secretary for mission




URC LOGO greyscale smallTasneem Choudhury is Temp PA to General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary (administration and resources)
t: 020 7916 8646



URC LOGO greyscale small

Samantha Bircham is PA to deputy general secretary for discipleship
t: 020 7520 2712