We recommend that the Education & Learning Committee act decisively and with urgency to equip the church for learning in the digital age as soon as possible.

New World New Church

There is positive flux in the URC at present, and it is important that opportunities for conversation and decision-making are grasped. These not-yet-finalised areas include:

  • Changes on the staffing of RCLs
  • Relationships between the congregational development functions of Assembly, RCLs, and Synods
  • Defining Walking the Way. Living the life of Jesus today.
  • Designing the successor to TLS
  • Discussions about the use of IT facilities in the redeveloped Church House

It is clear that the E&LC has an opportunity to move quickly through sharing the BLTG report actively and intentionally with key groups if it so chooses. A possible timeframe for this would be: 

Autumn 2016:

  • e-mails with the link to the BLTG report go to committees and individuals identified in this report.
  • BLTG report to be discussed by RCLs and relevant Assembly Committees and task groups. 

May 2017:

  • Paper to Mission Council proposing creation of Online Learning Enabler post or similar

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