Assembly Officers

The next General Assembly meets at University of Aston, Birmingham from 10 to 13 July 2020

General Secretary: The Revd John Proctor
Moderators of General Assembly: The Revd Nigel Uden and Mr Derek Estill
Moderators-elect: The Revd Clare Downing and Mr Peter Pay
Immediate-past moderators: The Revd Kevin Watson and Mr Alan Yates 

Clerk of General Assembly: The Revd Michael Hopkins
Honorary Treasurer: Mr Ian Hardie
Convenor, Assembly arrangements committee: The Revd James Breslin

Youth Assembly officers 

Youth Assembly Moderators: Ms Natalie Gibbs and Ms Katie Henderson

Former Moderators of General Assembly

The Revd Dr W John F Huxtable 1972-1973 *
The Revd Dr Kenneth Slack 1973-1974 *
The Revd Arthur L Macarthur 1974-1975 *
The Revd Dr George B Caird 1975-1976 *
The Revd Richard Hall 1976-1977 *
The Revd John Edward Young 1977-1978 *
The Rt Revd Dr J E Lesslie Newbigin 1978-1979 *
The Revd Dr Robert O Latham 1979-1980 *
The Revd John Johansen-Berg 1980-1981
The Revd Martin H Cressey 1981-1982 *
The Revd Rosalind Goodfellow 1982-1983 *
The Revd Alasdair J G Walker 1983-1984 *
The Revd Dr Philip Morgan 1984-1985 *
The Revd David H Dale 1985-1986 *
Mr Ray A Heritage 1986-1987 *
The Revd C Cyril Franks 1987-1988 *
The Revd Edmund A Banyard 1988-1989
The Revd C Keith Forecast 1989-1990 *
The Revd Graham J Cook 1990-1991
The Revd Malcolm G Hanson 1991-1992
Mrs Ruth K Clarke 1992-1993
The Revd Donald Hilton 1993-1994 *
The Revd Dr R Jack McKelvey 1994-1995
The Revd John P Reardon 1995-1996
The Revd Professor David Thompson 1996-1997
The Revd David Jenkins 1997-1998
Mrs Wilma C Frew 1998-1999
The Revd Peter E McIntosh 1999-2000
The Revd William W Mahood 2000-2001
The Revd Elizabeth A Welch 2001-2002
The Revd John D Waller 2002-2003
The Revd D Alasdair Pratt 2003-2004
The Revd Sheila R Maxey 2004-2005
The Revd Dr David R Peel 2005-2006
The Revd Elizabeth J Caswell 2006-2007
The Revd Dr Stephen C Orchard 2007-2008
The Revd John M Marsh 2008-2010
The Revd Dr Kirsty E Thorpe 2010-2012
Mrs Val Morrison 2010-2013
The Revd Dr Michael Jagessar 2012-2014
Mr John G Ellis 2013-2016
The Revd David Grosch-Miller 2014-2016
The Revd Kevin Watson 2016-2018
Mr R Alan Yates 2016-2018

* deceased