Welcome to the Affiliated Companies section of the Pilots website. Here, you can find the latest news and information for Pilots companies. You can also download electronic copies of materials and resources which are exclusively available to Affiliated Companies, including The Compass and Overseas Voyage Materials. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need any help, please contact the Pilots Desk on 020 7916 8637 or with any queries.



This 'sharing of news and views between Pilots companies' is distributed to Pilots companies twice a year, including the Spring edition which keeps the whole URC up to date with the latest news from the denomination's organisation for children and young people.

Download the Spring 2018 edition here.



As the main manual of Pilots, The Compass provides all the information and guidance local Pilots companies need to set themselves up, organise their programmes and keep everything safe, informative and fun for all involved.

In the latest version of The Compass:


Getting Underway looks at what Pilots is all about, offering guidance on how to set-up and register a company, as well as information needed further down the line on safeguarding, officer training and so on.

Faith and Spirituality sits at the very core of Pilots and plays a fundamental role in every element of the organisation’s life and work. Pilots aims to support and assist children and young people as they grapple with the questions and challenges of life and faith, focussing on love as the ultimate value. This section helps companies to support children and young people in making informed choices about what they hold dear and enable them to reach their full potential, as they define it.

Crests are awards which Pilots in all the age-sections work towards. Action cards focussing on a whole range of disciplines from author to artist and philosopher to ice-skater allow Pilots to develop their knowledge and skills in all sorts of ways. Prayer is an overarching theme for every Crest, with each having a prayer, meditation or reflection activity to complete. Crests are organised into five categories; Interest, Learning, Overseas, Talent and Service. When put together with Prayer, these spell PILOTS!

Games advice and suggestions mix old Pilots favourites with new, popular and innovative offerings from local Pilots companies, as well as links to a Pilots online library of games (coming soon) to make possibilities, quite literally, endless!

Affiliated Pilots companies are entitled to access The Compass online. Click here to access it. Please only share it with Officers and Crew in your own company. Should anyone else like a copy or more information about Pilots, please ask them to contact the Pilots Desk.

If you need any more information or are interested in setting up your own Pilots company, please contact the Pilots Desk on 020 7916 8637, or The Pilots Desk, URC House, 86 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RT.

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These materials provide an opportunity for Pilots to learn and discover another country with which we have links, mainly through the Council for World Mission (CWM). The resource contains information on the geographic and historic aspects of the country, culture and customs, real life stories, games, recipes, music and drama activities, arts and crafts activities, Biblical links, reflections, meditations and prayers and lists of additional resources and useful addresses. An Overseas Crest is awarded to Pilots completing this project. Copies of this annual resource is sent to every Pilots Company.

Affiliated Companies are also entitled to access these materials online. Please only share these resouces with Officers and Crew in your own company. If anyone else would like a copy or to learn more about Pilots, please ask them to contact the Pilots Desk.

Click here to access the Pilots Overseas Materials 2017 - Pakistan
Click here to access the Pilots Overseas Materials 2016 - Canada
Click here to access Pilots Overseas Materials 2015 - Czech Republic

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