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Pilots Captains and Leaders

Do you need a little refreshment? Do you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall sometimes? Have you run out of new ideas?

Then come along to the leaders event as part of The Big Speak Out. If you bring two young people with you, it is free as well.

Run by youth and children’s work professionals, the event is planned to renew and refresh you in a fun and interactive way (meaning that  it won't be a heavy, being talked at training event).

So what are you waiting for? Click here for more details and then call the Pilots desk or email us and we can get you on the list. 

Focussing on the URC Children's and Youth Work annual theme for 2018, 'Pilgrimage', these materials offer plenty of inspiration and ideas for worship. In offering a great mixture of Bible stories, games, activities, crafts and ideas, this resource seeks to help Pilots companies, as well as other children’s and youth groups, to explore the importance of pilgrimage in faith and life, marking important occassions, reminding us of our values and principles, uniting us with those around us, helping us to live in closer harmony with our neighbours.

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Pilots Worship Materials 2018 - Pilgrimage - extra resources

Pilgrimage Worship pack

Pilgrims Worship

Treasure Hunt & Treasure Hunt photos 

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