Advice for local churches

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The HR team at Church House can offer advice, guidance and resources on the following:

Employing people 

Who is an employee? 

Contracts of employment

Writing a contract, advice on contractual issues including providing templates. 

Policies and procedures

Advice on which policies you should have in place and guidance on drafting these, including providing templates. 

Advertising and recruitment 

Advice and guidance on all stages of the recruitment process including job descriptions, advertising, short-listing, interviewing, including providing templates of associated documents. 

Employment law advice

Basic generic advice on employment law, which will depend on the complexity of the situation. We may direct you to professional legal advice for certain cases.

HR advice to URC churches in the UK covers lay staff only. If you require employment advice relating to ministers, please contact the Ministries office.

Other useful websites:  ACAS,

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