Accreditation subcommittee

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This sub-committee is responsible for maintaining the roll of ministers.
This includes the accreditation of those who have completed training and those coming from other denominations, as well as service beyond normal retirement age and removals and reinstatements to the roll. It also deals with applications for Special Category Ministry posts.

Key Documents and Procedures


Application for the acceptance/transfer of an Ordinand another Churches

Changes on the Roll

Application for transfer from non-stipendiary to stipendiary ministerial service
Application for the extension of full-time ministry beyond normal retirement age (68)
Application for the extension of part-time ministry beyond normal retirement age (68)
Application for return to work after ill-health retirement
Application for re-instatement to the Roll of Ministers of the United Reformed Church

Non-URC Ministers

Application of Certificate of Eligibility
Application for Certificates for Limited Service

Special Category Ministry

Application for a Special Category Ministry post

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