Useful Contacts

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Baptists Together 

Baptist Union of Scotland 

Baptist Union of Wales 

Beacon: LGBT+ in the URC 

The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales 

Christian Aid 

Christian Education Europe 

The Church in Wales 

The Church of England National Offices 

The Church of Scotland 

Churches’ Legislation Advisory Service 

The Congregational Federation 

The Congregational Memorial Hall Trust (1978) Limited 

(Group for Evangelism and Renewal
within the United Reformed Church) 

Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre 

Global Justice Now 

Free Churches Choir 

Free Churches Group 

The Methodist Church of Great Britain 

(Formerly known as The Lesbian and
Gay Christian Movement) 

Presbyterian Church in Ireland 

Presbyterian Church of Wales
Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru 

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 

Salvation Army

Time For God 

Union of Welsh Independents 

United Reformed Church Caravan Fellowship 

United Reformed Church Guide and Scout Fellowship 

United Reformed Church History Society 

URC Music 

United Reformed Church Peace Fellowship 

United Reformed Church Holiday Forum 

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