Synod Global Partners


The global partners programme provides an opportunity for synods to enter into a bilateral exchange with a partner church outside of Europe. The primary objective of the programme is to create opportunities for mutual learning and enrichment, and to worship together and share our faith journeys and life stories. In particular exposing people in URC congregations to people and their stories from our overseas partners in ways which are meaningful to the congregation (i.e. related to their issues and concerns)

Below is a list of the synod partnerships: 

  • Northern - Presbyterian Church of Mozambique
  • North Western - Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
  • Mersey - Churches of christ in Malawi
  • Yorkshire - not currently partnered
  • East Midlands - United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, Botswana Synod
  • West Midlands - Church of North India
  • Eastern - Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa, Presbytery of Zimbabwe
  • South Western - United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
  • Wessex - United Church of Zambia
  • Thames North - Church of South India, Karnataka Central Diocese
  • Southern - Church of South India, Rayalaseema Diocese
  • Wales - Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar
  • Scotland - Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba