The Integrity of Creation

In ten years’ time we will be a denomination where each congregation has taken significant steps to safeguard the integrity of creation, to sustain and renew the life of the earth.

The changing climate and its consequences for all life on planet earth cannot be over emphasised as the most significant underlying issue of our time. Being an intergenerational community of faith that trusts in the God of creation past, present and to come, it is vital that the church recognizes the reality and fear present in environmental debates and lives hopefully in the present climate. Too often the ‘prophets’ who see the truth and challenge for change are outside the church. Our churches, reflecting faith in God the creator and sustainer of life in all its fullness, must discover the radical voice of care for the earth that is supported by the way we live.

We will know if we are on the right track by:

  1. The number of local churches who have undertaken an environmental audit and are implementing some form of resulting action plan. 
  2. The churches that in worship, bible study and prayer give voice to the God whose life and love is expressed in all creation. 
  3. The number of congregations that are engaged with people in their local communities and globally over issues of environmental care, sharing concerns, contributing the insights of the Christian faith, co-operating with others in finding more sustainable patterns of life together.