Hospitality and Diversity

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In ten years’ time we will be a diverse church that does more to welcome and include all people equally.

There is a rich diversity in the URC of church backgrounds and theologies, of cultures and life experiences. As a multicultural church we are building on our radical commitment to justice as we aim to include and affirm all, welcoming rather than tolerating difference. We will continue to seek greater equality of women and men in all aspects of church life.

We will know if we are on the right track by:

  1. The number of churches that have regular training to consider inclusiveness in the congregation and act on it.
  2. The number of churches that regularly monitor their membership and eldership to ensure inclusiveness.
  3. Representation of black and minority ethnic groups on all key councils, committees and task groups, at local, synod and general assembly levels.
  4. Appropriate numbers of black and minority ethnic ministers, church-related community workers, staff and candidates.