Christian Ecumenical Partnerships

IMG 1918In ten years’ time we will be more confident in our identity, valuing the treasures of our tradition, discerning when to seek ecumenical partnerships, and when and how to seek the further unity of the church.

A lot has developed ecumenically since our unions in 1972, 1981 and 2000; the focus has changed from seeking further union to forming a wide variety of partnerships – at local and national levels. Whilst our instincts remain deeply rooted in seeking further unity, we do not believe our dreams are served well by lacking in confidence, purpose and identity. Being confident in ourselves and working with others are not mutually exclusive; on the contrary, celebrating and offering our many gifts will make our partnerships stronger and may speed the way to further union.

We will know if we are on the right track by:

  1. The number of churches in Local Ecumenical Partnerships.
  2. The number of churches involved in working with ecumenical partners.