Supported by the United Reformed Church Mission Department, CreateTalk is an initiative to facilitate church projects and activities with the use of creative arts.

CreateTalk helps churches

  • discover creativity in their own congregations, encouraging new kinds of participation
  • discover creativity in their communities, allowing new relationships
  • find new ways of sharing faith in a variety of settings

For a CreateTalk project in your church or community, contact Tracey Hardingham (PA to Secretary for Mission, PA to Secretary for Racial Justice and Intercultural Ministry). For further details click on this link. Please click on the link for the CreateTalk Project Award application form.

CreateTalk resources can be found here

art conversations


Why focus on creativity?

We live in a word filled world and have a legacy of a word filled church.

Frequently when we plan out active evangelism, we most often arrange activities to introduce God as Word.

By concentrating on creativity, we connect with our God in whole, starting with God as our Creator. As personal relationships build, we may move on to speak about how we know God as Spirit and know God as Word in Jesus.


What can we do?

CreateTalk projects connect groups and churches in communities. From tiny hamlet to large city, people already share creativity in theatres, exhibition spaces, church halls and schools. Each event and each place is where purposeful connections can be made, and, with a little careful planning, exciting results can emerge.

Churches can link with local professionals in a range of fields who would be delighted to offer skills to individual activities or to a whole project.Click here for ArtTalk: Picturing Ponty.


CreateTalk Facilitation

The CreateTalk initiative is facilitated by the Revd Elizabeth Gray-King, a URC Minister and artist. Elizabeth will be on hand, intentionally supporting the work of local, and Synod evangelists, mission enablers, ministers and churches not adding new strands of work, but adding tools to existing good practice.


CreateTalk Resources

Many resources for CreateTalk projects will be readily available in local churches. CreateTalk project ideas, examples and activities will be growing and available in the RESOURCE area of CreateTalk. Artists willing to share their visual work and expertise to CreateTalk projects are encouraged to let us know so that churches may call on you.