Mission development and evangelism

Vision202010flameswebWe believe we are called to join in God's mission. It is the reason the church exists. Enabling the church to be mission-focused is one of the key areas of work of the Mission Team. With the Mission Committee, we have developed vision2020, a ten-year strategic framework for the United Reformed Church, which will support the mission of local churches, link with the Synods' mission strategies and direct the Church's national programmes and resources. Click here for more information on vision2020 and for the other programmes that support it.

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Vision2020 is a ten year strategic framework for mission, adopted by General Assembly in 2010. It is a framework to inspire and support mission planning at every level of the United Reformed Church: local, Synod and Assembly. 

The basis of vision2020 is formed by the ten statements of our mission and purpose and the ways by which we know we are achieving them. They sum up what we believe God is calling us to be and to do, as local churches and as a denomination. 

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