Interfaith Week

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Interfaith Week will take place in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from 13 to 20 November 2016.

Inter Faith week intends to:

  • strengthen good inter faith relations at all levels in our increasingly diverse society
  • encourage local faith groups and communities to reach out to each other and build stronger bonds of understanding and cooperation
  • increase awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK, with a particular focus on the contribution which their members make to their neighbourhoods and to wider society
  • increase understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs
  • encourage the development of new partnerships within local communities and by faith communities with statutory and third sector partners
  • Information about the week can be found at for England and Wales
  • and for Scotland

Here can be found information about the history of the link, a wide range of resources that are available for different groups and settings and, as the week approaches, news of the different events that are being planned.