URC European Ecumenical Partnerships

As a Church of the Reformation which began in continental Europe, the URC has long had many links with churches and Ecumenical bodies which embrace the whole of Europe. It is a member of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) which includes Anglican, Lutheran, Orthodox and Reformed Churches. It is also a member of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE).

Traditionally there have been strong links between the URC and a number of European Churches.

If your church is actively involved in a link with a continental church please let us know so that these pages can eventually contain comprehensive information designed to encourage others to develop links.

The Evangelical Church of the Pfalz (Palatinate) in Germany, is linked to the URC through an agreement of Pulpit and Table which allows for the interchangeability of ministry and commits us to close working. The URC's Yorkshire Synod has a special link, there is a bi-annual theological consultation and there are a number of linked congregations. During Advent and Lent there is also the opportunity to use shared prayer material together. Traditionally, the material is produced for Advent from Germany and for Lent from the UK. 

The Waldensian Church in Italy has long had a relationship with the URC through the URC-Waldensian Fellowship. THe URC's North Western Synod maintains the link on behalf of the denomination.