Experiencing Ecumenism

It is one thing to talk about ecumenism and even to share buildings and make formal agreements. It is another to dig deep into what it means to reach out across the differences and divisions that have grown up over centuries. 

There are ways and places where it is possible to explore our diversity and our unity and to gain in experience and understanding, in short, to be changed by the experience. This page offers some pointers and welcomes suggestions of additional resources.

The Taize Community in France has long been a place where predominantly young people, but many older people and families too, come to spend a week with others of many different countries and traditions. Focussd around the life of the ecumenical community of brothers, it is achance to listen to and share with one another; to discover silence and simple beautiful sung liturgy. Visit the Taize website and then visit the place.

Receptive Ecumenism is a new approach to engagement with one another which is based on the principle that we do not only have much that we can give to one another but that, in all humility, there is much that we need to and can receive from one another. The Churches Together in England website here has a report on the developments in this since 2006 and the first conference on receptive ecumenism in 2009. It is an ongoing and growing area of ecumenical partnership.