Our Ecumenical Partnerships

The ecumenical scene is different within the three nations and our working relationships therefore differ.

In England our most common partnerships are with the Baptists, the Church of England, and the Methodist Church through some 400 Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs). There are a number of these in which the URC is involved, along with other traditions, with the Roman Catholic Church. There has also been a long relationship reflected in a small number of united congregations, with the Moravian Church. The URC is a member of Churches Together in England (CTE).

In Scotland there is a natural relationship with the Church of Scotland as a fellow Reformed Church. In January 2010 the United Reformed Church entered into a partnership with the Episcopal Church and the Methodist Church. Here, the URC belongs to Action for Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS).

In Wales Local Ecumenical Partnerships exist with the Baptists, the Church in Wales, the Methodists, the Presbyterian Church of Wales and the Union of Welsh Independents. The URC belongs to Churches Together in Wales (CYTUN) and to the Commission of Covenanting Churches in Wales which brings together the URC, Methodist Church, Covenanting Baptists, the Presbyterian Church of Wales and the Church in Wales.

Spanning all three nations and the Republic of Ireland is the work of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI).

The Methodist Church is our closest ecumenical partner with whom we share in some 300 LEPs in 100 of which we also share with one or more other ecumenical partner. In several parts of the country we also share in United Areas. Our relationship is facilitated by the Methodist / URC Liaison Group which works to maintain and develop local relationships. A resource entitled 'Making it Work' was developed in the 1990s and is currently being updated (as of autumn 2014) and will soon be available for both denominations from its own dedicated website.  This will become a valuable resource of ideas and information designed to assist our shared LEPs and churches that wish to develop closer joint working.