I Looked in that Cup You Been Drinking From by Lucy Berry

june lucy berry News images 554x415I looked in that cup you been drinking from.
Looked like blood of a thousand years.
Didn’t look nice. Didn’t look safe.
Looked like juice of a thousand tears.

Lord, Lord, what did I do to you,
that you ask me sniff such an evil smell?
Torture. Slaughter. Un-washed feet.
I’m not the one to harrow hell.

Who is brave enough for that?
Who is good enough to try?
Who’s the idiot who’ll drink
horrible stuff that can crucify?

I drank just a tiny little bit.
Tasted so bitter I nearly spat.
Who can drink the whole cup up? 
Who’d be fool enough for that?

I looked in that cup you been drinking from.
No bottom to it. Just too deep;
loving and trying all your life
and friends run off or fall asleep.

All the big-guys with success
saying I’m bad and telling lies.
All the failures with no power
hanging around like a swarm of flies.

I looked in that cup you been drinking from.
Lord, it’s not my cup of tea.
Hatred. Horror. Servitude.
Order something else for me.

Photo: Ian Keefe

©Lucy Berry
Photo: Ian Keefe

During May this year I broadcast five sessions of Thought of The Day for Premier Christian Radio. The theme I chose for myself was ‘Five big questions Jesus asks us’. This poem answers one of his five questions: ‘Can you drink from the cup I am going to drink?’

What is your answer?

Lucy Berry is a poet, a mum, and a minister of the United Reformed Church.
Her website is at www.lucyberry.com and she's available to perform, preach and lead workshops.