The Theology of Pilots

ToPMediumPilots aims to encourage children and young people in the work they are already able to do in making the world a better place, believing that God has created all people for this purpose, whoever they are and whatever they believe.

The concept of ‘mission’ concerns everything which aims to protect the values of God (peace, understanding, hope, care, justice, faith, love... everything which leads towards a better existence for all), such as the provision of food for the hungry, shelter for the vulnerable, comfort for the weary. Mission is also about giving people the opportunity, should they wish to take it, to enter a relationship with God and see the part they have to play in protecting these values.

For Christians, God’s mission is most visible in Jesus and the work He engaged in, spending much of his time with the poor, ill and needy rather than the rich and powerful, comforting, supporting and healing. Jesus also called his closest followers, his ‘disciples’, to go and make other followers who, with the power of God’s Holy Spirit would be able to join in the struggle to bring about a better existence.

Pilots, both as a national organisation and through its local companies, encourages individual Pilots and churches to consider their abilities, gifts and roles in the mission which God sets by sowing seeds of love in the lives of everyone who comes into contact with the organisation, be they participants, parents or friends and, if they wish, to find support in their own journey of faith.

How can the Church exist if it doesn’t protect the values of God, which are so crucial to making this world a better place? And how can it do that if it doesn’t recognise what children and young people bring to the table? These things can all be achieved through commitment of the Pilots Promise: ‘I will learn, pray and serve all I can, with the world-wide Church of Jesus Christ.’

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