Overseas Voyage Materials


These materials provide an opportunity for Pilots to learn and discover another country with which we have links, mainly through the Council for World Mission (CWM). The resource contains information on the geographic and historic aspects of the country, culture and customs, real life stories, games, recipes, music and drama activities, arts and crafts activities, Biblical links, reflections, meditations and prayers and lists of additional resources and useful addresses. An Overseas Crest is awarded to Pilots completing this project. Copies of this annual resource is sent to every Pilots Company.

Affiliated Companies are also entitled to access these materials online. Please only share these resouces with Officers and Crew in your own company. If anyone else would like a copy or to learn more about Pilots, please ask them to contatc the Pilots Desk.

Click here to access the Pilots Overseas Materials 2016 - Canada

Click here to access Pilots Overseas Materials 2015 - Czech Republic