All are called… some are called to…


This resource has been written by some of the students and a member of the teaching staff of Westminster College

Vocations Sunday is normally marked on the 4th Sunday of Easter.  In 2017 this is 7 May.
There are plenty of worship resources available on the internet provided by other denominations.
We have chosen a quote from the United Reformed Church’s Basis of Union: 'All are called… some are called to' as our theme, to give our material a distinctively URC feel. It acknowledges that we are all called to serve God in the world and recognises that there are a variety of different ministries. At the same time, some people may also be called to specific ministries within the Church: as Ministers of Word and Sacraments, as Church Related Community Workers and as Elders.

We hope that it is helpful to you as you plan worship for Vocations Sunday.

Stephen Ansa-Addo, Jacob Bali, Helen Garton, Tessa Henry-Robinson, Julie Kirby, Alison Smith and The Revd Dr Yak-Hwee Tan


  • Acts 2:42-47
  • Psalm 23
  • 1 Peter 2:19-25
  • John 10:1-10

The Materials

Bible Notes
Sermon Ideas
About Sheep
Prayers, Call to Worship and Blessing
All-age talks / Symbolic actions  (includes suggestion for using the Wordsearch)
Hymn Suggestions

Links to other worship resources

Local Recognition

In many churches lay people who do not have Assembly Accreditation lead public worship and preach to the great benefit of the churches. It is the responsibility of Synods to determine how these people should be recognised.

Normally such local recognition would be given only after someone had been commended by their own church, had undertaken some training, but of a less demanding nature than the full TLS course, and had conducted one or more assessed services. Often they will have worked with an experienced accredited or recognised lay preacher or a minister, sharing with them in leading worship.

This local recognition may not be recognised by other denominations.

All those who lead public worship, whether only in their own church or in other churches as well, are encouraged to find opportunities to develop their skills and understanding, to meet with other lay preachers to share ideas and to gain and give mutual support.

Welcome to all who lead worship

You will find here information and resources about leading worship, becoming a Lay preacher, opportunities for developing gifts and skills, courses available as well as links to other relevant websites.

The Assembly Advocate for Leadership in Worship is a member of the Ministries Committee and works closely with the Synod Lay Preaching Commissioners (or their equivalent) to support and encourage all members of the URC involved in leading worship.

Upcoming events and courses

Here is a selection of some of  the events being offered in the next few months. You will find others and more details if you use the links to colleges above.


At Westminster College

Lay Preachers and Worship Leaders Course


At Northern College - Luther King House

The 2018 Lay Preachers Conference has been confirmed.
They are happy to announce that the event will run from 
Thursday 19  April– Saturday 21 April.


The College of Preachers

This ecumenical organisation runs a number of one-day events at venues around the country.
More details are available at The College of Preachers.


Assembly Accreditation

Accreditation is a significant mark of recognition for a lay preacher for his or her work in the wider church. It is a substantial and worthwhile goal for which those who are new to leading worship and preaching may aim.

Assembly Accreditation is given to those leading worship and preaching in URC churches who are members of the URC and who have undertaken an approved practical and theoretical training including experience of leading public worship. They will have been commended by their own church and by their Synod and approved by the United Reformed Church’s Accreditation sub-committee. Currently the recommended training is the Training for Learning and Serving (TLS) Foundation and Gateways into Worship courses.

Those who have equivalent training in another denomination but who are members of the URC or of an LEP which includes the URC may also be considered for Assembly Accreditation.

This accreditation will be affirmed at a Commissioning service, normally at the lay preacher’s own church, and acknowledged by the Synod. This accreditation is also recognised by other denominations.