Levenshulme Inspire URC, Manchester

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The overall aim of the CRCW post is to strengthen the capacity of Levenshulme Inspire URC to engage in mission and outreach within its local community and assist in developing more strategic and co-ordinated approach to its community engagement.  

Levenshulme URC used to be a small church with just a handful of members in a huge and dilapidated building and facing closure. However, the members felt they still had a mission calling to the neighbourhood and, with the appointment of a new pastoral adviser, they worked in consultation with community partners and developed the concept of the Levenshulme Inspire Project. Significant funding was secured over a period of time. While the bulk of the money raised came from the Lottery and Manchester City Council, the project was delighted when the local Mosque gave a very generous contribution for community work and the relationship between church and mosque continues to flourish. On October 30th 2010 the new building and project opened to the public.  

The whole enterprise is a partnership between the local church, Synod, active local residents and Great Places Housing Association. There is a staff team of over 15 people and some 30 plus volunteers which is managed through a Centre Management Team.  

Levenshulme Inspire URC believes that a part-time CRCW will give both the capacity and the professional skills needed to further realise its potential. The central issues being tackled are support for people who are vulnerable for diverse reasons but primarily social isolation, deprivation and mental health problems affecting all ages within the community in different ways.

In January 2016, Levenshulme Inspire were delighted to welcome CRCW Liz Kam to the project. Liz was also the CRCW for Norwich and finished her term there in 2014.

For further information, please click here for the Levenshulme Inspire website.