Priesthill and Shawlands URCs

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Accredited by the CRCW Programme Sub-Committee back in January 2016, we are delighted that one of our long-standing Church Related Community Workers (CRCW) Marie Trubic has been called and was inducted in a service at The Hall, in Priesthill in June 2017.

Location and background:
Priesthill URC and Shawlands URC have been a joint pastorate for 15 years. Priesthill and Househillwood are part of Greater Pollok, a sprawling, post-war housing scheme on the south-west outskirts of Glasgow. Peat Road - a dual carriageway and where our church ‘The Hall’ is located - has been a long-standing dividing line between the two areas. The recently re-invigorated Neighbourhood Forum is focussed on trying to break down the remaining barriers.

Shawlands is an urban residential area situated around 2 miles from Glasgow City centre. The population is approximately 8,500 with the majority being between 16 and 64 years. Priesthill - The Hall was originally St. Robert’s Roman Catholic Church (built in the late 1940s) but for over 50 years has been used to a greater or lesser extent as a community hall. Although we are a small congregation (currently 11 in total, all women) we all live within a mile of The Hall. Our focus is very much working with our local community and underpinning that with prayer and our Sunday worship. Our mission statement is: ‘To love God and our neighbours (local and world-wide) including creation, as well as we love ourselves’ and our strap-line is ‘Together We Can’. We live out our mission by giving space and encouragement for a range of activities to increase people’s overall health & well-being, sense of purpose, self-esteem and confidence.

What would we like a CRCW (CRCW) to help us achieve?
Now that our community activities and presence are established and growing, we believe this is an ideal time for a CRCW to join us, in order to continue and build on what is already happening, in order to play our part in the flourishing of our local community.

As well as getting to know us through participating in the various groups and activities at The Hall, we would like a CRCW to continue developing the links with other organisations in the area through the Neighbourhood Forum and, as appropriate, to work with the Community Development Officer at Sanctuary Housing Association and with the Community Planning Partnership (CPP).

Shawlands URC wholly supports this project, while recognising that most of a CRCW’s time will be given to Priesthill. We hope that we will gain (as well as give) ideas and encouragement to put them into action, through discussion and training. It would be very helpful to us if a CRCW could help us re-build links in the area with both churches and other community organisations.