Derby – Ashbourne Road to Central

Both churches believe that by working with a CRCW they will be able to engage in those parts of their mission statements that they wish to develop further. This will lead both churches out of their comfort zones and into areas that they feel God is calling them to.

Both churches hold to the belief that God’s love is for all and is not only to be found inside church walls, but often on the streets and in people’s homes. They believe the Spirit is alive and active in this part of Derby and want to share in work together with the Spirit addressing often unmet community needs. This will result not only in a blessing for their communities that neighbour them but also for the churches.


Ashbourne Road Church began looking at ‘Fresh Expression’. This led the church to carry out a community survey to identify local needs and where the church could respond, and leading to a ‘Community Outreach Group’ forming, which continues. 

From the survey and the group the following developed: Open House, an additional outreach Lunch Club, CAMEO and, for a period of time a series of open residents meetings for issues related to the University’s impact.

Central also has a small but thriving Junior church with children from 3-13 years. Around 7-10 children attend regularly. Regular activities include: Tuesday Tots for pre-school children, Derby Churches Night Shelter for homeless people offering a hot meal, a social time, a bed for the night and packed breakfast. Central Operatic rehearsals, 3Fs - an active group for the elderly and disabled.  The Fitness, Fellowship and Fun Group (3Fs) have two sessions a week for gentle chair exercise, fellowship and a lunch.  Bereaved parents’ group, Christian Aid coffee morning (weekly), Friday prayers (3rd each month). Friday and Saturday evenings – used as base for Street Pastors. Sunday – Chinese Church fellowship – follows morning worship. The building is also used by various other groups.

What do we hope to do? 

  • Identify community need – prioritise - and see how these prioritised needs can be met
  • Resources – taking account of priorities identified in church and elsewhere, look to develop those that exist and introduce new (where possible)
  • Creation and development of a sustainable form of ministry that will engage with the prioritised needs

Both churches look forward to the distinct mission opportunities that may be revealed through the ministry of a CRCW.

You can find out more about this project by contacting the CRCW office by email or telephone: +44 (0)20 7916 2012. If you would like to read more about Derby – Ashbourne Road to Central you can view their websites here: Central URC and Ashbourne Road (LEP)